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Roundtable on Positive outcomes of the implementation of Technical Agreements

Published at: 2019-09-30

North Mitrovica, 27 september 2019

Representatives of media, CSOs and other stakeholders participated in a local roundtable in North Mitrovica organized by NGO Aktiv, member of the KSPAG. The roundtable discussed the benefits of the technical agreements, with a special focus on their impact on the Kosovo Serb and other communities.

During the first session of the roundtable participants discussed how the implementation of technical agreements has influenced the life of the Kosovo Serb community. The agreement on telecommunication and diploma recognition were noted as agreements that benefited the Serb community in Kosovo the most. The telecommunication agreement allowed better communication between communities whereas the diploma recognition agreement allowed youngsters to find jobs, go on exchange programs and in general allows them for better professional life. The Agreement on Freedom of Movement has also positively impacted Kosovo Serbs. Yet, it has been noted that there is a difference on the impact that the agreements had on Kosovo Serbs depending on whether they live south of the Ibar River, or north of it.

The roundtable concluded with the acknowledgment of the necessity for greater inclusion of the citizens in the dialogue process. Participants emphasized the need for a more transparent process so that citizens are better informed with the process and the content of the dialogue. Greater inclusion of the citizens in the dialogue process will enable them to provide inputs in addressing the issues of their matter.

This event was organized with the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo. The content of this activity is the sole responsibility of the Kosovo-Serbia Policy and Advocacy Group and can in no way be taken to represent the views of the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo.