Peer-to-Peer exchange of experiences on the technical dialogue – Prishtinë/Pristina

Roundtable: Seeking Inclusiveness: Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities in Kosovo- Serbia Dialogue – Ferizaj/Uroševac

Roundtable: Perspectives on the implementation of the technical dialogue roundtable – Gjilan/Gnjilane

Workshop: Technical Dialogue: Benefits and Opportunities – Kamenicë/Kamenica

Roundtable: Technical Agreements and Cooperation between Belgrade and Pristina – Energy, Trade, Regional Development – Novi Pazar

Roundtable: Positive outcomes of the implementation of Technical Agreements – North Mitrovica

Workshop: KSPAG and I4PA organised a workshop on the achievements of technical dialogue and their impact on the lives of citizens

KSPAG holds fourth Steering Committee Meeting

KSPAG organized third project Steering Committee meeting

Seminar: Influence of technical agreements on the rule of law and security in the process of normalization of the relations between Belgrade and Pristina