Promoting and Communicating Benefits of the Kosovo-Serbia EU Facilitated Dialogue
Funded by European Union and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo,

About the project

The project sought to promote and communicate the EU facilitated dialogue by bringing people and attitudes closer together. Activities were designed to reach out to the wider public – including, Kosovo Albanians, Kosovo Serbs and Serbian citizens to highlight the positive impact of the technical dialogue.

Project Objectives

The overall objective of the action was to promote and communicate the benefits of the EU facilitated technical dialogue on the normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia to the wider public by focusing on a number of communication and outreach activities, peer-to-peer cooperation, research and local engagement.

Specific Objectives

  • Broaden the support for the Belgrade-Pristina EU facilitated technical dialogue and normalisation of relations between citizens from Kosovo and Serbia by creating effective channels for sharing the benefits and outcomes of the dialogue.
  • Review the citizens’ perspective on the Belgrade-Pristina technical dialogue and its process to allow a better attuned normalisation process and measures.
  • Facilitate cooperation and networking among, youth, CSOs, opinion-makers and media to support the Belgrade-Pristina technical dialogue.
  • Enhance communication and fostering the citizens’ progressive perspective on the Belgrade-Pristina technical dialogue and normalisation of relations.
  • Establish a standing group of CSOs and think-tanks capable of advocating for and supporting the technical dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

Key Actions

  • Communication Outreach on Kosovo Serbia Dialogue
  • Research, Publications and Conferences
  • Peer to Peer Cooperation
  • Local Engagement
  • KSPAG Consortium Strengthening